Test We Conduct

Mandatory Tests

  • HYDRO TEST: This test is conduct on 100% pipes and tubes as per specification and client requirements with the help of high pressure triplex pump.
  • VISUAL AND DIMENSION INSPECTION: VDI carried out on all pipes and tubes by the qualified engineers with the help of calibrated measuring instruments.
  • MECHANICAL TESTING: Tensile test, hardness test, flare test, flattening test, flange test, reverse bend and reverse flattening test in full compliance under relative standard are carrying on regular basis.
  • CHEMICAL TESTING: This test is being carried out per Heat.


Supplementary Tests

  • INTERGRANULAR CORROSION TEST: This test is being carried out to determine the materials intergranular attract and to measure the rate of corrosion as per standard of ASTM (A-262 practice “A”,”B”,”C”, OR “E”) with in the company’s own well equipped laboratories.
  • MICRO / MACRO TEST: We also conduct this test to certify microstructure, grain size (As per ASTM E112), this is to ensure carbides are dissolved and the corrosion resistance is at maximum.
  • EDDY CURRENT TEST: To detect sub surface in-homogeneity’s this test is carried out using either Dr. Forester’s Defect mat ‘C’ or Techno four Flaw Mark Detector on the entire length of the tubes as per ASTM – 426.
  • ULTRASONIC TEST: We can arrange an offline ultrasonic testing facility having four-probe water emulsion with microprocessor unit to detect special process flow. This test is conducted as described in ASTM 213/ A 450.
  • AIR UNDERWATER TEST: At 150 PSI as specified ASTM specification. This test is conduct over hydro test to eliminate any error that might occur due to human error.